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What are Your Favorite Christian Movies – What makes Faith Based movies great?

Favorite Christian Movies
Determining favorites is very difficult.   There have been many really great ones in the last few years. Here are a few of mine. There are many more.

I Can Only Imagine. Out in the theatres around Easter this year, this movie is great!  Most of us are familiar with the song and the group Mercy Me, but we didn’t have a clue as to the story behind the writing of the song and the growth of this Christian worship group.  It is one of the best Christian movies I have ever seen.  I have to admit I cried and so did my husband.  It is about a relationship between a father and a son that is just awful.  It is about reconciliation and show how God can change even the hardest of hearts!  Go see it, take your family and friends.  (Still in theatres – Available on DVD on June 12, 2018.)  Has a tremendous cast, including Dennis Quaid, J. Michael Finley, Brody Rose

The Passion of the Christ  has to be one of the best Christian movies ever.   Such a touching and real presentation of the last hours in the life of Jesus including the trial, death on the Cross and the Resurrection.   Worth watching every Easter to refresh your heart and mind as to the suffering and death of Jesus for our sins.  His role in this movie had a life changing effect on actor Jim Caviezel who played Jesus of Nazareth.  Mel Gibson did a remarkable job in the direction of this film. Stars: Jim Caviezel, Monica Beluccia, Maia Morgenstern

Risen.  The story of Christ and the Apostles impact on Clavius, a Roman Tribune, after Jesus (Yeshua) rose from the grave and appeared to them afterward.  Clavius befriends both Yeshua and the apostle Peter. Worth watching this one every Easter as well.  Stars: Joseph Fiennes, Tom Felton, Peter Firth

God’s Not Dead  One, God’s Not Dead Two, and God’s Not Dead – A Light in the Darkness.  All great movies which show the persecution of believers in today’s world and how their faith pulls them through their struggles.  Apologetics is about defending your faith.  Jesus tells us we will be persecuted as He was persecuted.  These movies show people who are being persecuted and who Stand Firm in their Faith and defend their beliefs.  One Stars: Kevin Sorbo, David A.R. White, Shane Harper;  Two Stars: Melissa Joan Hart, David A.R. White, Jesse Metcalfe; A Light in the Darkness stars: David A.R. White, John Corbett, Shane Harper

War Room. A powerful movie showing the importance of prayer in the ongoing battle against ‘the enemy’ in our daily lives.  Entitled War Room because like in the military, we are in a battle and we should seek God before going into combat. Stars: Priscilla C, Shirer, T. C. Stallings, Karen Abercrombie

Paul, Apostle of Christ. New movie out in April of 2018, which shows the last days of Paul in the Roman Prison and his close relationship with Luke and his undying Faith.  Good movie but I wish it had shown Paul’s persecution of Christians and his Paul’s conversion on the road to Damascus and not just the end of his life.  Stars: Jim Caviezel, James Faulkner, Oliver Martinez

One Night with the King.  The story of Esther (Hadassah) and her Faith which leads her to approach the King of Persia to save the Jewish nation from being killed by the plot of Lord Haman. Stars: Tiffany Dupont, Luke Goss, John Noble

Flywheel.  One of the first movies of the Kendrick brothers and Sherwood Baptist.  God transforms a dishonest car salesman. I saw this movie after Facing the Giants and Fireproof.  I had not even heard of it until later.  It was a good movie but without the larger name actors which took on roles in the next movies by the Kendrick brothers. Stars: Rosetta Harris Armstrong, Lisa Arnold, Blake Bailey

Facing the Giants. One of the best of the Kendrick brothers productions.  Combines Football and Christianity and makes for a great movie. Our schools today could learn a lot from this movie. Stars: Alex Kendrick, Shannen Fields, Jason McLeod

Fireproof.  Another of the Kendrick brothers and Sherwood Baptist productions.  This movie created the Love Dare experiment which a young husband invokes after hearing about it from his father in an effort to keep his marriage and ultimately the marriage is saved. Stars: Kirk Cameron, Erin Bethea, Ken Bevel

Courageous. Another of the Kendrick brothers and Sherwood Baptist productions.  Four officers struggle with their faith and their roles as husbands and their Faith.  One officers daughter is killed in the movie. The oath they take changes their lives. Javier is my favorite character in this flick. Alex Kendrick, Ken Bevel, Kevin Downes

The Blind Side. Not advertised as a Christian movie, but the main characters are Christians and they adopt a young man from an impoverished family and show what true Christian love should look like. Stars: Sandra Bullock, Tim McGraw, Quinton Aaron

The Ten Commandments.  1956 movie produced and directed by Cecil B. DeMille which tells the story of Moses and his receiving the Ten Commandments from God.  Great older Christian movie with Charlton Heston as Moses and on of the best Christian movies of all time.  Stars: Charlton Heston, Yul Brynner, Anne Baxter

The Chronicles of Narnia – The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe. Written by C. S. Lewis.  This book and movie was portrayed as a fantasy adventure with religious undertones.  This was the first of the series of films from C. S. Lewis set of seven novels.  This one is really one of the best Christian movies for kids and teens.  Stars: Tilda Swinton, Georgie Henley, William Moseley

The Encounter. Five strangers are brought together due to a road closure and through them we ultimately learn what can happen when we put our Faith in Jesus.  Stars: Bruce Marchiano, Steve Borden, Jaci Velasquez

What makes these Christian movies great? 

For a Christian movie to rank at the top of the list it I believe it has to have some of these characteristics:

  • Be TRUE to God’s Word
  • Show Christian people behaving as God would have them to
  • Reflect who Jesus Christ is
  • Reflect the struggles that all humans go through (Christian or not)
  • Show the Love of mankind for one another
  • Have a realistic plot
  • Move farely quickly without leaving out important parts of the story
Who are some producers of the best Christian movies?
  • PureFlix is fast becoming a top producer of Faith Based Movies.
  • Kendrick brothers/Sherwood Baptist Church
  • Rich Peluso
  • Mel Gibson
  • Kirk Cameron
  • Affirm Films
  • Provident Films
Would you rather read the book before seeing the movie?

Some folks would prefer to see movies and never read a book.   I particularly like to read the book before seeing the movie.  It seems to me that so many times the screenplay writer leaves out major pieces of the story in trying to cut the movie time and it really changes the story.    I will say that sometimes knowing the outcome beforehand kind of ruins the movie for you!

So what is your take on the topics discussed above?
  • Who are the best writers and producers of Christian movies?
  • Which movies are your favorite Christian movies ever?
  • Do the movies have any impact on your life?
  • Do you tell family and friends about the ones you have seen?
  • Do you encourage others to go see them?

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  • Stacey Ambriz

    I have several favorites, but once in particular was The Case for Christ! GOD can change lives! I have heard Lee preach several times and he has wonderful messages.

    • taresa

      Thank you for your comment, Stacey. We appreciate your feedback. Lee Strobel is one of many great Apologists.
      Expect to see more blogs about Apologetics on our site. Visit us again and please tell your friends and family about us.

  • Nancy Wright

    I Can Only Imagine has had a tremendous impact on so many lives of people I know. I pray that the great attendance numbers seeing this film will show Hollywood that this type of movie is definitely something we need and want more of. The current type of movies created in Hollywood only perpetuate the lies, hatred and corruption of the enemy. We, as Christians, must take a stand and stop giving in to the things of this world that are not of the Lord.

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