Prayer – Books and Bible Studies we Recommend

In response to our recent blog on Prayer, below are several Prayer Bible Studies and Books which we recommend to our friends.   These are just a few of the good ones on the market today.  We only recommend those authors books which we have experience with and we avoid the controversial ones.


Just because a book or study has a 5 star review on a website doesn’t mean it is Biblical. It means people liked it, and some of those who reviewed it know the Scripture and they gave it a good review, which is great.  Some give Christian books a review yet don’t know the Scripture and they like the book, but didn’t really know if it was True.   Be discerning.  The only true way to know what you are reading is True is to study the Scriptures yourself.   Scripture validates Scripture. The Bible Studies and books we recommend we believe are true and hold up against Scripture based upon our studies or knowledge of the authors works.


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From Kay Arthur, one of our favorite and highly recommended authors. 

These are three of her excellent Bible Studies and books on Prayer.


From other favorites and excellent Christian authors:

Bible Studies on Prayer.  Excellent. Highly Recommended: