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Jerusalem Gifts – Just for You!

We are happy to add our new Jerusalem Gifts Shopping Page to our site.   As Christians who have traveled to the Holy Land and fallen in love with it, we want to share with you items that we were never aware of until we traveled there.   There was so much to see and so little time, and items we wanted to purchase, but couldn’t do it all at one time. This gives you an opportunity to shop from home and pick up those items you may have missed on your trip or perhaps you always wanted but have never been able to travel there to purchase them.  Shop for Jewelry, Prayer Shawls, Jewish Bibles, Menorahs, Olive Wood Gifts, Shofars and more.

The picture above has a Messianic seal in it.  I bought a necklace with that symbol while we were there.  It represents the Gentile believers being grafted in as one with the Jews as is told by Paul in Romans 11. The seal is said to be created by the first followers of Christ. It touched by heart and I had to have one.  Messianic Jews are Jewish people who believe that Jesus is the Messiah.

Click here to Shop for Christian Jewelry that especially reflects our understanding of God’s Word. Messianic Jewelry pieces in silver and gold beautifully designed including our best selling Hebrew Scripture Jewelry that declare your love of God’s Word and heart for Israel and resonates Jesus Love for His Church.  Also check out the Messianic Seal Necklace, bookmarks, etc.

The Jerusalem Gift Shop is located in the center of Jerusalem, the heart of the Holy Land and has a huge inventory of unique gifts. We are happy to be your connection to Israel through our affiliate partner.

Click here or on the picture above to go straight to The Jerusalem Gift Shop website: Christian and Messianic Gifts from The Holy Land !