Christian Books by Author

This page begins our section on Christian Books by our Favorite Authors. By clicking on the book you can go directly to Amazon to purchase the book. PLEASE read some of these books and let us know how they touched your heart. You will be sorely blessed I assure you!

Marian Jordan Ellis

Marian Jordan Ellis is an amazing, on fire for the Lord, Christian woman, who we met a number of years ago when she was one of the regular teachers in our Bible Study Class. Marian loves Jesus Christ and tells it like it is in her Christian books. God has truly anointed her as a teacher and an author. She is very transparent in her message and she shares the whole Truth with her audience.

As she was completing her Masters degree at Oxford and was on the way home to the states she was asking the Lord what He wanted her to do for her Ministry. Her answer came right there in the airport when two young ladies came to her table in the airport restaurant and had seen her Bible on the table and came to ask her about it. They were not familiar with The Bible! These were young college aged women. That prompted the formation of Redeemed Girl Ministries. Her ministry which goes to college campuses and shares the gospel message with college women.  She also has a blog and podcasts on her website. 


Update: Marian’s ministry has been renamed This Redeemed Life to focus on a broader audience than just young women.  

Looking for a good book for your young High School Junior or Senior daughter, or college age daughter?  Now is the time for her to read Marian’s books.   You too, Mom or Dad.  You will be so blessed as will your child!  I cannot say enough about the caliber of Marian’s message.

Below are all the books she has written that I am aware of. I have read most of these. I highly recommend all of her books to people of all ages. Some of the books are particularly focused on young women and the trials they face.  See my review/blog on her latest book STAND by clicking here.  This is my FAVORITE to date.  I will tell you I cried a lot while reading this book. It really hits home and Marian shares so much it can’t help but touch your heart and bring you closer to God.


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