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This site has been my go to for a variety of Christian books and other Christian products over the years. Many times their prices have been less than other sources and they have a huge variety of products.   I have never had issues with any orders I purchased from
We will be reviewing Christian books and a variety of other Christian products from and also providing links here to make it easy for you to purchase them by clicking on our links.
Here are links to some of our favorite selections from  Feel free to shop now from these links.   See our Affiliate Disclosure in the footer of our site.

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You will find a huge variety of Bibles here. Many different translations, audio, children’s, devotional, journaling, large print, teens, and more. Also Bible Imprinting. I bought all my children and my husband and new Bibles about 8 years ago from and had them imprinted. Such a wonderful gift for graduation, Christmas, birthdays, etc.
Bible Studies – Kay Arthur
We have studied Precept upon Precept for years under Kay Arthur through our church. We have learned so much from her. She is an anointed teacher of the Truth. This link takes you to other studies written by Kay and I we have studied many of these as well. Many of these are 40 minutes studies which are perfect for small group study. They are all very good and not as deep as Precept upon Precept for those who have less time to devote to the homework…..but sooooo good!
MasterLife – Bible Study

We have facilitated this entire study (all four books) four or five times now. Each time we had from 10 to 20 people in the class who stayed with us for the entire 28 weeks it takes to do all four books back to back. This study is all about what it looks like to be a Disciple of Christ. You accepted Christ as your Savior, you got Baptized, but now what? What am I supposed to do? What should my life look like now? This study answers all those questions and so much more. I can’t tell you how much you will get out of this study. Begin with Book 1, the Disciples Cross and go from there. It will change your life! (You can buy the full set of all 4 books.)
Christian Ties for Men
These are some of the prettiest Christian ties, good quality, and great messages. My husband gets compliments on his ties all the time and most of them came from here.
Click Here for Bible Studies – General

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