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My Favorite Daily Devotional – Experiencing GOD Day-by-Day

Experiencing God – Day-by-Day by Henry Blackaby and Richard T. Blackaby

Over the last fifteen years I have used a number of Daily Devotionals to help me get in to my quiet time with the Lord.  I have to say that there are many good ones, but to-date this has been my favorite  I first had the small leather bound copy shown on the left.

This size is great because it can be easily carried in your purse or laptop bag. It doesn’t take up much space .  It has a soft leather touch and feels so good to hold in the palm of your hand.  It is literally gives you a very intimate close feeling of being with God as you study His Word.  I know you guys are laughing, but it is true!  My oldest daughter actually found this devotional with the journal and was using it daily and she posted a few of the devotionals on Facebook and I was really taken with the Truth revealed through these writers and so I ultimately purchased this smaller version.  I did the same.  I read and studied and prayed through the devotional for almost a year and then decided to buy the one with the journal so I could make notes as I studied.  I couldn’t find the leather version anywhere, so I bought the hardback and gave this smaller version to my youngest daughter.  She is reading it everyday, and she, too, has shared many of the devotionals on Facebook!

It is that good, my friends!  The Blackabys write with grace and obvious spiritual insight.  Knowing God’s Word requires daily study and meditation.

These devotionals can help you with the discipline and perseverance to spend the necessary time in God’s Word to help you grow closer spiritually to the Lord.  Although all daily devotionals seem to focus on one verse at the start of the study, you must not just stop with that one verse.  To truly learn you need to delve deeper.  At least read the verses immediately before and after the scripture, but better than that ready the entire chapter of the book.  It is important to know the context of the scripture being studied.

The Holy Spirit is your Teacher, and He will impress things upon your heart as you study and will reveal further what God wants you to know from His Word.

The authors wrote their Experiencing God book and Bible Study prior to writing these devotionals.  I am anxious to do the Bible Study as well.


To the left here is an excerpt from the small devotional book without the journal.

Check out the Books by Blackaby’s page under Shop on our website for links where you can purchase these books.  I assure you will be glad you did.   May God bless your Study of His Word and encourage you to draw near to Him every single day of your life.  Share what you learn with your children, your family and friends and God will bless you!

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  • Stacey Ambriz

    I LOVE this devotional! It was introduced to me many months ago and I have truly enjoyed reading it day to day. It is so easy to read and is so easy to understand. I have actually posted some devotions on my timeline (FB) and have had MANY people ask me which devotional I read!

    • taresa

      Thank you so much for your comments Stacey! We welcome your comments. I hope many others will try this devotional. It is really good food for the soul!
      Thank you for visiting our site. Please come back often. We are adding new blogs and new products daily.

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