Does God Hear Prayers or Does God Answer Prayers?

Have you ever asked yourself these questions:

  • Does God hear my prayers?
  • Does God answer prayers?
  • Does He hear the prayers of a sinner?
  • Is He even listening?
  • How am I supposed to pray?
  • I don’t even know how to pray – how can I pray?
  • Why pray He never answers my prayers?

These are common questions we ask ourselves or others when we feel that God is not hearing our prayers.  When we are in doubt as to whether we are being heard when we do pray, we question sometimes if God is really there?   The Bible mentions prayer many, many times so it must be important.  A search on Bible gateway for ‘pray’ returns 362 results, and a search for ‘prayer’ returns 191 results, and for ‘prayers’ returns 27 results (in the NASB Version).    The NIV version returns 367 results for ‘pray’, 154 for ‘prayer’ and 32 for ‘prayers’.  This gives us an indication of how much prayer or praying is discussed in the Old and the New Testament and indicates the high priority of prayer in God’s Word.

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