Steps to Peace with God – Is saying a prayer all that it takes?

Steps to Peace with God – Billy Graham Evangelistic Tract








My husband and I have been on the New Member Counselor team with our church for the last ten years.  We were trained on how to witness to unbelievers and to ‘lead them to Christ’ using this Evangelistic tract.   Many people are confused on what this means and how does saying a single prayer assure one of Salvation and eternal life in heaven with Jesus.

Many don’t know this but a man named Charlie Riggs, in a 1954 London Crusade, developed these four steps andttitled them ‘Steps to Peace with God’.  Since then, many versions of this have been used and in various forms, in dozens of languages and shared with millions.

In the 1950’s the message most heard from the pulpit was teaching Hell, Fire and Damnation and Riggs felt led to present the Gospel from a different perspective.  He had heard Billy Graham preach about peace and life and how to have that peace was to accept Jesus.  He took the message and made it into four steps.

This tract can easily be carried in a woman’s purse or a man’s wallet or pocket to have readily available to refer to when a conversation arises to walk through the steps with someone.   You can also leave it with the person for them to refer to later.


My goal in this blog is to explain the tract and the pieces of it and then to explain what should follow the prayer.

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MasterLife Book 1 – The Disciple’s Cross by Avery T.Willis, Jr.

Bible Study Review Details:

Title: The Disciple’s Cross (MasterLife Book 1)

Author: Avery T. Willis, Jr. and Kay Moore

Publisher: Lifeway Press, 1996 Original

Category: Bible Study, Discipleship

Reviewed By: Taresa Lutz, Christian blogger, Believer in Jesus Christ  (

Recommended? Highly

What is MasterLife?

My husband and I first ran across this study around 12 years ago at our church.  It was recommended that new believers in Jesus and new members of the church should attend this Bible Study.  It was about three years later that we actually started taking the class and later began to facilitate the class at our church.

MasterLife is a developmental, small-group discipleship process that will help you develop a lifelong, obedient relationship with Christ.  The goal is your discipleship.  For you to become like Christ.

The complete MasterLife study consists of four books.   Each book is a six to seven week study.  Therefore, the entire study consists of approximately 28 weeks of study.  When we lead the class we ask the group to commit to the entire study.

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Discerning the Voice of God – Bible Study and Book Review

Book/Bible Study Review Details:

Title: Discerning the Voice of God – How to Recognize When God is Speaks

Author: Priscilla Shirer

Publisher: Lifeway Press, 2006

Category: Christian Living, Women, Spiritual Growth

Reviewed By: Taresa Lutz, Christian blogger, Believer in Jesus Christ  (

Recommended? Yes

There are several versions of this book.  Priscilla keeps updating it every few years.  As time passes she grows and learns in her walk with him, she finds it necessary to revise her book to reflect new stories, new wisdom and add new exercises to the book.  There is a 2012 version which includes Chapter Challenges that help you hear His voice more clearly.  A new 2017 version was recently released.  I haven’t looked at it yet.

The first time I led the Bible Study we were using the 2006 Publication from Lifeway pictured above which was reprinted in 2015.)   We also used videos which were available online for download.  The second time I led the Bible Study I used this same book, but also backed it up with the 2012 Book version pictured to here

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Living Victoriously in Difficult Times – How?

Book Review Details

Title: Living Victoriously in Difficult Times

Author: Kay Arthur, Bob & Diane Vereen

Publisher: Waterbrook Press

Category: Bible Study

Reviewed By: Taresa Lutz, Christian blogger, Believer in Jesus Christ  (

Recommended: Yes, Highly

Overview of the 40 minute study

This is a 6 week, ‘no-homework’ bible Study and one of Precept Ministries Internation 40 Minute Bible Studies series.

I facilitated the study of this book in the summer of 2013, with about 20 or so women from my church in the class.  These studies are geared for people who are interested in learning for themselves what the Bible says on various subjects, but have limited time for study and meeting with others.  Women who attended this class were hungry for more of the Word and didn’t want to spend the whole summer without a deeper study of God’s Word.

As in all Kay Arthur/Precept studies, the particpants are going to read/observe Scripture, mark it up based on the author’s instructions (with colors and symbols), and discuss what the Scripture says.   The discussion questions are there to help the participant cover the material.  Discussion, actually speaking about what they read, strengthens their understanding of the Scripture.

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Bible Study Methods Courses – A Great Way to learn to study the Bible

Bible Study Methods Courses

Back in early 2006, my husband and I, found that we really wanted to delve deeper into the Word, and realized when we saw a sign promoting a Bible Study Methods class from the College of Biblical Studies that was being held at our church, that we wanted to check it out.   The College of Biblical Studies offered this class FREE so why not, right?  Just one night per week for 8 weeks.  So we did it!

The instructor of the course, Dr. William Boyd, was amazing.  He obviously had been a student of the Word for many years and was well versed in all the terminology/methods taught in the class, some of which were brand new to us!

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Forgiveness: Breaking the Power of the Past – Is it Possible?

Do you carry grudges, pain from old hurts, pain from recent hurts?

This is a review of this 6 week, no-homework bible study.  My husband and I facilitated this study last summer (2017) with a group of family and friends..  Many in the group had been dealing with or had known someone dealing with being able to forgive someone who had hurt them in some way. In some cases the hurt was old, and had been carried for many years.  In others it was more recent.  In some cases the hurt had been discussed and supposedly forgiven and forgotten.   In others it had never even been discussed.   Just held inside to crop up when least expected.    Lack of forgiveness has destroyed countless relationships.

Having facilitated a number of these Kay Arthur, 40 Minute Bible Studies, we decided to gather together each week for six weeks and to really delve into what Kay and the Scripture had to say about this subject, Forgiveness.

This study was written by Kay Arthur, and David and BJ Lawson and is one of the Precept Ministries International publications.

The Subject of Forgiveness touches all of us – Questions arise

  • How can I forgive when the pain is so great?
  • What about revenge? If I forgive them are they then ‘getting away with it’?
  • What if I don’t forgive?
  • Can I be forgiven for things I did in the past?
  • Does forgiving mean forgetting?

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Determining What Scripture Says

How to Study Your Bible by Kay Arthur

We have been students of Precept-Upon-Precept Bible Studies from Precept Ministries International for many years.  We have learned so much from these studies of which most have been written by Kay Arthur or written by Kay with a co-writer.  Each study includes a Video lecture by Kay Arthur or someone on her staff (many times her son, David Arthur).  In our class we would come to class early and watch Kay’s video, and then following that, our teacher would arrive and we would go over the Lesson from our homework and discuss it in depth with the rest of the group.  The method of study is called Inductive Bible Study.

Below is a summary of what is entailed in learning God’s Word using this methodology as written by Kay Arthur in her book How to Study Your Bible and Lord, Teach Me to Study the Bible in 28 Days, and through her other Bible Studies and documented on her website. The following info is taken from her books or from the Precept website and includes my own remarks.

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Conversation Peace – Watch your Tongue – A Bible Study Review

Conversation Peace -The Power of Transformed Speech

Author: Mary A. Kassain

Publisher: Lifeway Press,  reprinted 2015, 192 pages

Category: Bible Study, Women

ISBN: 978-143-0038-801

•  Reviewer: Taresa Lutz –


Why this book?

Some of my family and friends had just completed a Bible Study the first half of the summer last year and wanted to do another study and it was suggested that it should be something on Communication…(how to communicate with our spouses Biblically)!

Okay, challenge on…I went shopping to find a Book/Bible Study and I narrowed my search down to three.  There were really several that looked promising but after sending the link to them to 3 of the group, we decided on this one.   I really wasn’t familiar with this author, but the Table of Contents, the endorsements, and the way the lessons were laid out looked good.

Something Mary says in the Welcome page to this book, really hit home!  ‘At their deepest root, communication problems are spiritual problems.  As such they require spiritual solutions and, for that, we must turn to God.  This study presents powerful speech-transforming elements that are based on the Bible.  For the final word on how to transform our words, the Bible is our book!’


About the Author – Mary A. Kassian

Mary Kassian is an award-winning author, and a distinguished professor of women’s studies at the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary.  She has published several books, Bible Studies, and videos including Girls Gone Wise, In My Father’s House: Finding Your Heart’s True Home, and True Woman 101 and 201.


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Big Truths for Young Hearts: Teaching and Learning the Greatness of God

Big Truths for Young Hearts: Teaching and Learning the Greatness of God

I have not yet read this book, although I am buying it today.   I ran across a review by Dr. Bob Kellemen, (  and it sounded like a book that would benefit many parents and families who wish to share the love of God and theology with their children.    The review ratings I found indicate it is a very good book as well (5 star ratings).

Title: Big Truths for Young Hearts: Teaching and Learning the Greatness of God
Author: Bruce A. Ware, Ph.D.  (Professor of Christian theology at Southern Baptist Theological Society
Publisher: Crossway (2009)
Category: Parenting, Theology, Discipleship

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The Richest Man Who Ever Lived – King Solomon

This is a book review of The Richest Man Who Ever Lived – King Solomon’s Secrets to Success, Wealth and Happiness by Steven K. Scott.  (The book is on the wisdom gleaned to us by King Solomon himself from the book of Proverbs.)

This book, published in 2006, sat on my bookshelf for several years going unread.  I don’t recall when I bought it, or why?  It may have been promoted at some church event or I may have just seen it in a bookstore, but I bought it and then filed it away on the shelf.

Last summer I was facilitating a study with family and friends on the subject of Conversational Peace, (a very good study by the way), when I was looking for some reference material and I saw this book and picked it up and started looking through it.   I ran across several Proverbs from King Solomon about ‘our mouths’ and what comes from them!

I took the book to the class with me and read some quotes from the book to my group.  I realized then that I had to read this book.

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